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A special shade of green, to signify excellence

Most Wirutex PCD Tools are GREEN in colour. This green has become synonymous with our tools, a green that is recognised across the world.

PCD Saw blades

A complete range of PCD Saws for cutting, grooving and sizing operations on wood and wood composites, plastic and non-ferrous materials.

PCD Hoggers

Designed to ensure optimum cutting finishing at medium and low speeds, for use on chipboard, MDF, raw particle board, coated panels or other panels laminated with plastic, melamine and composite materials

PCD Milling Blocks

These cutters offer optimum solutions for all types of machining operation, from simple to complex.

Thanks to a patented system, Wirutex cutters with bore are quick and easy to use, thereby significantly reducing machine set-up times

PCD Router Cutter

For use with manual pantographs, nesting machine centres and CNC machining centres for profiling, sectioning and boring

PCD Boring bits

For high-precision boring - a core process in the furniture industry - with perfect interlocking of various components

For use on CNC machining centres and automatic and portable boring machines